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The Smith Point Fish and Hunt Club (SPFHC) is a not for profit organization that provides for local sportsman to experience new sporting adventures, establish new friendships, and promote skills, ethics, and safety. The club exists in a fellowship of friendly camaraderie that offers newcomers an opportunity to feel at ease quickly. The club as founded in late 1993. Oversight of the SPFHC operations is provided by a board of directors and is run by its elected officers with input from its members at monthly meetings. Our membership has a wide range of individuals form those that are new and just learning to experienced members that volunteer to teach safety courses for the DEC. All in all, just a great group of good people.

If you want to go hunting or fishing and just can't seem to make it out the door on your own, our club is the answer for you!

Club Activities

Family and youth participation is encouraged in our events. Each different specialty is split up to divisions with in our club and have division captains elected annually by the membership. Each division plans the events for the year. Any member is welcome to participate in division planning. ranges, volunteer for DEC safety instruction

The Fishing Division sponsors club fishing tournaments, party boat trips in season, for several species of fish such as flounder, fluke, striped bass, black fish, cod, and other local island fresh and saltwater fish. Members with boats pool resources and invite other members to fish aboard their vessels in exchange for sharing in fuel and bait expenses, friendship and tall tales. Specialty trips are conducted annually for specialized experiences such as a three day salmon trip.

The Hunting Division has access to a cabin upstate surrounded by state land that offers deer, turkey, water fowl as well as fishing. Spring and Fall weeklong trips are scheduled for these seasons with members participating for a couple days, weekend or entire week. Members share transportation and associated costs making it easy for you to get in the woods. Members share resources with regards to land use permissions they have acquired such as local deer, goose, and duck hunting. Typically a annual pheasant hunt, trophy hunt, and a specialty bear or boar hunt top off the season with members traveling to other states and Canada. Members hunt with a bows, rifle, pistol and black powder.

The Target Division conducts a number of shooting events throughout the year. Our club participates in a statewide postal .22 Sporter rifle competition, which is run by the NYS Rifle & Pistol Association. Trap and skeet events are scheduled as well as Bulls eye pistol competition. An annual turkey shoot is also held and is open to the public. Trophies, plaques or other prizes are awarded for division sponsored events. You will find some avid re loaders in our club. Firearms instruction for new members is available.

THe SPFHC conducts annual fundraiser's as necessary. The club also sponsors a snapper derby for local youngsters in the summer. An annual picnic for members and their families is held at Southhaven Park in July and an annual members awards dinner is held in February.


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